Cube 1 is a unique platform that digitally streamlines all the documents, instructions and feedback between a project’s various layers and collaborators in an easy-to-use, real-time manner.

Simply put, instead of going the old-fashioned, paper-driven road, engineering drawings submissions and bar bending schedules are filed digitally on the interface.

Then, the process takes over, organizing the workflow for as many participants as needed: clients, consultants, contractors and subcontractors.

Cube 2 is a simple and intuitive rebar manufacturing platform embedded within our IoT devices and connected to Cube 1 via our unique cloud technology. Deeply integrated with the Armaor rebar manufacturing software from our technology partner Ariadis France, Cube 2 uses operations research algorithms to monitor each team member’s involvement and performance, tracking and signaling idle times at every stage of production, optimizing scrap rates and production timelines, and curtailing bottlenecks.

Cube 2 also supports the decision-making process on the floor by providing suggestions and guidance to day-to-day users in a very empowering manner.

Similarly to Cube 1, Cube 2 enables all stakeholders to monitor, view and adjust the rebar manufacturing progress in real time, ensuring full transparency and control over the whole supply chain. With ergonomics at the core of all our products, Cube 2 speaks the universal language of technology, reducing training time and overcoming cultural barriers.

Cube 3 is a highly efficient field management platform connected to Cube 1 and Cube 2 via our unique cloud technology and using the same state-of-the art hand-held IoT devices.

Cube 3 pulls the elements designed and manufactured in previous stages and allows the user to plan the tasks for various field teams on each section of the project, remotely managing the complete assembly process on site.

Generating a stream of analytics, Cube 3 enables complete production control: it monitors fixers’ performance and efficiency, keeps placement sequences in check, highlights problems and lets users identify impacting variables to further address design and construction inefficiencies.

Cube 3 also manages the inventory of elements, maintaining physical traceability, optimizing site space, minimizing errors and reducing travel and idle times.

Just like the other Cubes, Cube 3 keeps all stakeholders informed of the progress in real time, and allows them to access all kinds of information, from delivery dates to newly available elements, planned team tasks and inspections.

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